The Picardie and Mon copain brands have been developped for Canada's wild birds and domestic birds. We hold the FSSC 22000 standard certification. 

What is the FSSC 22000?

  • It's primary objective is to guarantee food security.
  • We ensure that this standard is respected by defining, evaluating and controlling the risks and hazards, from the raw materials to the finished products and everything in between.
  • The standard is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative(GFSI).  
  • It offers an effective, safe and secure food quality guarantee.

We are one of the few companies in the production of bird food to be FSSC 22000 certified.

Our history

A family business since 1920


It's the beginning of a great big adventure. The Carignan family starts to cultivate sunflower, and shortly after white millet as well as red millet, thus allowing them to begin manufacturing various bird feed blends in bulk.


The small company located in Batiscan, Quebec, purchases their first warehouse in order to begin sieving the sunflower seeds and bagging various bird products in various sizes.


The Carignan family decides to focus solely on manufacturing bird feed blends and thus sells their dairy herd.


During these years, to meet the growing demand for birdseeds, the family-run business invests in 800 new acres of farmland as well as several new pieces of equipment to automate the bagging of their various blends.


The company owns 1200 acres of farmland, which are as large as 680 football fields.


A new 10 000 square foot factory is built to begin the manufacturing of suets, a tallow based treat for birds. 


To meet the increasing demand for bird feed, a 15 000 square foot addition is made to the company's main warehouse. 


In 2014, the growing business purchases an extra 400 acres of farmland and adds a new production line in the factory.


Due to the company's rapid growth, another 10 000 square foot addition is made to the main warehouse and the installation of a another new production line is once again necessary.



With an increasing demand for its grain bells, the company decides to automate its grain bell production line which is responsable for manufacturing grain bells for its many private customers as well as its own two brands, Picardie and My Buddy. 

The installation of a truck scale is necessary to weigh the incoming grain. 


The company installs new silos in addition to yet another new production line. To this day, the company has a total of 22 silos, which carry 6000 tons of grain, and 10 prodcution lines within the factory.  


As the demand for rodent hay emerges on the market, the bird feed business seizes the opportunity and decides to add an arrow to its bow by installing a 6000 square foot hay mill. The company is therefore able to begin producing rodent hay for its own brand, Picardie, as well as a number of private brands.  

In addition, they proudly obtain the GFSI FSSC 22000 quality standard certification that very few companies have in this market.


2021 is a big year for the company in terms of investments as the demand for their products continue to increase. A 15 000 square foot addition is made to the main warehouse, 4 new shipping doors are installed, a new automated mixing system is installed and new silos are put up to add another 1500 tons of grain storage space.

To this day

The company owns 1600 acres of farmland, the equivalent of 900 football fields,

3 factories that have a total of 66 000 square feet of manufacturing space,  

and 36 silos, which store 7500 tons of grain.

The suet factory produces in large volumes for the company's My Buddy and Picardie brands in addition to many other private brands. 

There is something for all the birds of Quebec and other small animals to enjoy!

Future vision

In the near future, a 14 ,000 square foot extension will be added to the suet factory in order to double the production of this bird treat.